Taking root in the dark arcana of Gematria and Pythagorean arithmancy, divinatory crafts or the science of interpreting the universe’s signs is closely linked to the quest for the Fate of Man, whatever civilization they are from.

Day of birth, astral coordinates, theosophy of names, everyone’s life is punctuated with allusive intimate figures which, decoded through cabalistic algorithms, paint a portrait of our singular being.


To those who shape their destiny rather than surrender to it, EX ASTRIS dedicates assertive fragrances to boldly map times and interior territories that never cease to be discovered.


Divinatory arts, cartomancy and mysterious symbols, each fragrance is charged with mysterious and imaginary power.

Our being is composed of two energies that complete each other and make us who we are. Using numerology craft, The Chiffres Singuliers collection draws up these two faces of our intimate being: the one we project into the world and the one we keep secret.

A combination of the cosmic and the olfactory, the Planètes Influentes collection reveals the beginnings of personality, the great energies that influence us and our aspiration, according to the position of the planets at the moment of our birth.